Free Counseling and Advice Every Startup and Growing Business Needs To Succeed

Business counseling fees can be extremely expensive and not knowing where to turn for business advice can be a significant waste of valuable time. That is why there are 80 Business Information Centers (BICs) in the United States and over 1,100 Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs). Not only do they provide small business owners with free counseling, but they also have an extensive reference library of books, publications, and video tapes. Small Business Development centers and Business Information Centers help with start-up business planning or assist in expanding an existing business.

BICs are partnered with the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) to provide businesses with free business counseling. Retired business men and women volunteer their expertise and experience to assist with any issues that may be confronting your business. These men and women can also assist you in developing a customized business plan for your specific business needs. There are over 10,500 SCORE volunteers in 389 chapter locations who assist small businesses across the country. SCORE also provides an online counseling initiative for businesses. More information on this can be obtained at the website.

Business Information Centers are constantly adding new resources to serve the needs in their local business community. Some BICs, such as the Sacramento Business Information Centers, offer bookkeeping, tax planning, budgeting, business financing and loan information, developing business plans, legal information, management skills, and marketing techniques to name a few of the areas BICs specialize in. The majority of all major cities provide BICs.

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Offshore Call Centers Are Lucrative Business Centers

India has generated some of the leading Business process outsourcing Companies that aim at providing the best possible services in terms of professional expertise and innovative technology.

These are end to end providers of well integrated services for those who are highly mission-critical and form major industry segment. These services are not industry specific. They are in fact client specific. This means, that the offshore call centers are based on wide network of activities that serve the customer through their efficiency in services. Be it Finance, Engineering Design, Accounting, Travel, data processing, data capturing, data entry, market research, HR services, all and much more is offered through the offshore call centers through their efficient staff and elaborate infrastructure.

The basic purpose of selecting offshore call centers for providing services is their low cost factor with professional efficiency. Some offshore clients prefer the quality of work produced by Indian Call Centers; therefore they come back to offshore call centers in India and get their desired work done. Offshore outsourcing is relatively getting popular because of their long term competitive advantage and value addition in terms of productivity, quality and timely delivery.

These are basically providing new-millennium business opportunities all over the globe. Clients feel safe and secure with the way they are provided with innovative solutions, synergizing people of different fields, and synchronizing each and every business activity along with technology to achieve the desired objective.

Whether the services are based upon cost reduction or getting latest technology, all activities are met with experienced professionals. A seamless integration of onshore and off-shore business models is met with complete convergence of strategic initiatives and operational excellence.

The result is a long-term relationship with foreign clients, along with achieving organizational objectives and eventually success in business.

Almost all metro cities in India have a wide network of offshore call center activities that are well equipped with latest technology and modern infrastructure. They work to achieve their organizational goals along with pure professionalism and complete human resource management. All the hurdles in our system are overcome with success in our results.

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Advantage of Twitter User Posts For Business Centers

Most of the business centers nowadays are looking for a great social networking and micro blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages. Face book, Friendster and twitter are one of these sites, but most business centers prefer to use Twitter for it gains notability and popularity worldwide. It sometimes describe as the “SMS” of the internet. Senders can restrict delivery to those in their circle of friends and allow open access. Users can also send and receive messages.

As for the finances of Twitter, it is ranked as one of the most 50 popular sites, although estimates of the number of the daily users vary because the company does not release the number of active accounts. February 2009 in, the Twitter ranked as the third most used social networking. In March 2009 in, it is ranked as the fastest growing site.

How can a company benefit from twitter?

Twitter will always be a means to listen to the costumers, clients, industries and anyone else that might comment on your products or business sales.

– One of the best things twitter can do for a company is to simply humanize it. Allowing a person to put a voice to an otherwise impersonal entity can give a dimension to your relationship with clients.

– It provides your industry experience and expertise

– It can either be connect with senior management, employees and owners of the companies.

Keep in the mind the basics of any marketing campaign: be relevant and provide quality every time. Be professional and your twitter will be successful SEO choice. Better save your tweets for very relevant and powerful things. Also be particular about what links you tweet. Make sure it is relevant to your products or service, and don’t tweet every single thing you come across. Give people reason to follow you. Be a powerful provider of sites or links.

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10 Myths About Office Business Centers

Office Business Centers (OBCs) are rapidly adapting to new realities in our working environment, but their image is rooted in the industry’s inception several decades ago. In order to help executives properly evaluate the OBC option, we have compiled a list of 10 commonly held myths about the industry.

1. OBCs Offer an Alternative to Renting Commercial Space

This fallacy represents one of the key misconceptions our industry struggles against every single day. Today’s OBC provides administrative services, electronic infrastructure and a working environment ready to go from day one. In doing so, it frees clients from the time and responsibilities required to install telecommunications systems and copiers, select and train administrative staff, and monitor maintenance items such as cleaning and painting.

2. Office Location is Unimportant in Today’s Global Marketplace

As industries become more competitive, differentiation among rival organizations often hinges on intangibles. An office in an impressive building with beautiful grounds, in a prestigious location, speaks volumes about a company’s success and ability to satisfy its clients. Prospects can be overwhelmed by plush interiors, an accommodating staff and a professional atmosphere. Proximity to other successful organizations affects the impression of your own.

3. OBCs are Too Expensive

Some executives are impressed by the services offered by OBCs and think it would be cheaper to start from scratch with empty commercial space. This viewpoint ignores the economies-of-scale employed by OBCs to provide services infeasible for singular use such as videoconferencing. OBCs also offer meeting spaces for large gatherings, avoiding the need to find and rent space for a yearly event. Considering all the costs necessary to transform traditional commercial space from an “empty box” into a working office environment, the OBC option can actually be less expensive.

4. OBCs are Primarily for Start-Up Companies

This myth views OBCs as a stepping stone to a commercial office. While some companies using OBCs benefit from administrative services, especially if they do not have enough work to hire a full-time employee, OBCs serve small, medium and large-sized firms in a wide variety of fields including law, finance and business-to-business. Larger, well established companies open satellite offices in new locations and utilize OBCs as their regional headquarters. Some clients are so happy in their OBCs, they stay in them for decades.

5. Office Business Centers are Only Staffed from 9 AM to 5 PM

In today’s 24/7 world, this limitation would sound a death knell to our industry. OBCs offer customized solutions for their clients including flexible hours for staff, telecommunications and other specialized needs. In fact, when a traditional employee in a commercial office is unavailable, OBCs offer full staff and administrative support to help a company meet deadlines in any time zone.

6. The Luxury and Amenities in High-End OBCs are an Anachronism Today

Clients, prospects and employees today, especially Gen X’ers, expect certain perks. Sometimes winning that big account may be achieved through a workout in an on-site weight room, or a basketball game in the company gym, instead of a PowerPoint presentation. People do business with their friends, and winning a person over involves becoming one. A walk outside on well-kept grounds with fountains and gardens in the background can be very persuasive.

7. All OBCs are Alike

Like every industry, there are high-end and low-end OBCs. Some were founded over 20 years ago and deliver a level of expertise suitable for high-paying clients. These OBCs generally stay on top of the latest technological innovations, with fiber-optic networks and electronic packages for their clients including website administration. Other OBCs focus on volume and deliver a less personalized approach.

8. The OBC Industry is Well Known in the United States

OBCs were considered a vital option for businesses in Europe well before the start of the OBC industry in the United States, where they are still relatively unknown. Terminology creates a fundamental misunderstanding of our industry. In Britain, we are recognized as a service industry, and instead of executive suites, our colleagues use the term “serviced office.” Instead of referring to “leases” and “tenants,” they talk about “clients” and “contracts.”

9. OBCs Provide More than My Company Needs

Yes, OBCs provide packages to save companies money including an electronic package, virtual office services, worldwide business access, concierge services, etc. But some OBCs also offer an “a la carte” menu with basic items such as word processing, document creation, graphics and more. OBCs provide customized, flexible service solutions for clients to fit their needs.

10. OBCs are Insulated from the Negative Effects of Economic Downturns

While many OBCs benefit from increased occupancy rates during economic downturns, their clients may be overly cost-conscious about services designed in the long run to save them time and allow them to focus on their core competencies. As a result, the revenue per office declines. However, on the upside, companies may use OBCs more when they renovate their own location instead of moving to a new commercial space. OBCs specializing in renovation interim-workspace service benefit from this additional source of revenue.

Executives must be aware of all these myths when considering the OBC option. They should talk to colleagues in their industry and analyze the costs and benefits of all alternatives. However, they should be aware of the many intangibles in the OBC industry and evaluate each OBC company based on both its history of service and current capabilities.

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